Romi with her kids Ari (4) and Gia (2) at the London Stock Exchange
Romi with her kids Ari (4) and Gia (2) at the London Stock Exchange
Romi and her kids Ari (4) and Gia (2) at the London Stock Exchange

I met Romi through our friend Chris, an insurance M&A banker. Chris and I were known to often nerd out on insurance accounting and insurance businesses. Romi used to work with him at Morgan Stanley and had recently left to start PensionBee. I was, at that time, running Wild Blue, an angel syndicate and meeting companies was what I did all day long! And so I did. Little did I know I was sitting across a woman who would 5 years later, IPO her business on the London Stock Exchange.

In this blog, I wanted to highlight the female founders that I invested in in 2020, the incredible work they are doing and most importantly the real women behind the scenes. Strong and diverse women from Ireland to Afghanistan, they are building businesses that make the world a better place, while trying to solve large problems with underserved consumers.

Building companies in healthcare to the future of work, gaming to sexual wellness, I could not be more privileged than to play a small part in their journey. In no particular order, introducing my Atomico Angel 2020 portfolio.

Excluded from the…

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I stand here this morning as an Indian citizen, a UK resident, a member of the EU but most of all, as a woman of the world. I say this because I feel I speak for women globally. What a year it has been for all of us! For women in the corporate world, with little children working from home, while trying to juggle both home and personal life, I am sure it has not been an easy time. For female founders, has networking during COVID been harder and therefore access to capital even harder to reach? I am personally…

The Small Work in the Great Work

PC: Oxford Said Business School

The Small Work in the Great Work

My wifi was shite! I was annoyed and messaged Sorina Campean at the Oxford Said Business School. As part of the Oxford network of mentors she had invited me to a virtual leadership seminar — “Leading Others through Chaos: Self, Others, Society” run by the Aspen Institute. I told her there was a high probability I would not be able to make it. Thanks to the “God of All Things”, including wi-fi, my husband (note: he works in insurance), I managed to join last minute. …

Future of Work

Photo Credit: Dan Meyers on Unsplash

My journey into the ‘Future of Work’ actually began as diligence for a menopause tech company (everyone knows how much I love femtech and of course I am coming of age). Of course, both themes very talked about currently in the UK startup landscape. Recent article on meno in Pitchbook news attached here in case you haven’t read it already — still circulating in the virtual world — …

Photo Credit: Tim Marshall on Usplash

March 20, 2020

Dear Female Founders,

Firstly, I hope you and your families are healthy and adjusting to new ways of working; many of you trying to cope with children who are now out of school and also perhaps caring for your parents and elderly family members. Unbelievable turn of events as I think about — to think I was drinking margaritas only two Fridays ago with all my girlfriends and today I am in social isolation writing my first Medium post. Makes me realise how small we are compared to nature and no matter how much we think we…

Deepali Nangia

Advisor to female founders, angel investor in female founders, mother to 2 humans and a pooch.

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